Indeed, after the tremendous success of Bahubali-2 made in Telugu, all those questions are asking- can Bollywood also make something like Bahubali? Hindi is the official language of cinema in India. And the Hindi film industry i.e. Bollywood, we consider the representative of the film industry of India. We give the status of ‘regional film’ to the film made in any other language. This injustice is the responsibility of those English channels whose headquarters is not in South India.

Therefore, after the tremendous success of Bahubali, the biggest question is whether the Mumbai film industry will be able to make something like Bahubali on its own money and power? The answer is no. There are many more reasons for this. The thing is not just about talent. Bollywood has tremendous talent and technicians. But even then Bollywood can not make anything like Bahubali. The reasons for this are:

1. Bollywood can not spend so much (बॉलीवुड इतना खर्च नहीं कर सकता)

The complete levy of making Bahubali-I and 2 was 430 crores. You should remember that SS Rajmauli had always said that he wants to release Bahubali as much as possible in the theater. That means his audience was not just South India but the whole country. Still, he did not take the movie star from the rest of the country. Only people selected from the Tamil and Telugu film industry Rajmouuli had full faith in Bahubali’s story and visuals. The film’s stars decide how far a movie will go in Bollywood. The most expensive Bollywood films like ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ (175 crores), ‘Dhoom 3’ (175 crores), ‘Dilwale’ (165 crores) are extremely weak in the case of the cut. Most of the movie goes to the actor’s fees. Now come to the second issue.


2. Actor’s Salary and Ego (एक्टर की सैलेरी और ईगो)

Sound designer of the Bahubali-2, PM Satish gave an interview to the Indian Express recently. He had said that such a movie like Bahubali is being made in the Telugu industry as it is spent in money production and not on the few stars’ fees. If Bollywood’s budget has a budget of 600 crores and 100 crores of it has been spent on production, then luck is good to understand. If cuttings are being valued, then most of the money will be given to them. In Bollywood, Khan, Roshan, Kapoor or Kumar can not leave their salary. Salary, leave it for 5 years, give a project to your life, it can not be so. Do not forget that Prabhash did not sign any movie for 5 years.


3. Lack of imagination related to religion in Bollywood cinema (बॉलीवुड सिनेमा में धर्म से जुड़ी इमैजिनेशन की कमी)

Karl Marx had said that religion is opium for the public. How accurate was that? Both of Bahubali films are inspired largely from the texts of Hindu religion and Mahabharata and the story of Amar Chitra Katha. In Bahubali-2, things related to religion are even more. This is more common in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil masala films. In such a case, it is not surprising that in a Hindu-dominated country, a movie like Bahubali is very much liked,

Bollywood cinema has gradually become more secular. Today’s film is not related to religion. Therefore, they are afraid of taking stories from religious texts. If films like politics and government are motivated to some extent from the Mahabharata, their stories are far from the spice. That is why Bollywood movies do not run much in South India.

4. Movies with big concepts did not go in Bollywood (बड़े कॉन्सेप्ट वाली फिल्में बॉलीवुड में नहीं चलीं )

Most of the movies with big concept and visual effects in South India have gone well. Shankar Anthyrn’s ‘Robot’, Rajamoulli’s old films ‘Ega’, ‘Magadhera’ and ‘Rudram Devi’ have all earned money. In such films Rajmauli and producer Shaubu Yarlagadda had the courage to make a film like Bahubali. But such films do not go in Bollywood Last year’s ‘Mohan Jodaro’ or Amurag Kashyap’s ‘Bombay Velvet’ is a proof of this. Thanks to Shah Rukh Khan, his film ‘Ra-1’ earned money. But it was not possible to do anything that was expected. ‘Love Story 2050’ was so wasted, there is not anything that can be discussed about the visual effects in ‘Krrish’.


5. Bollywood does not have anyone like Rajmoula (बॉलीवुड के पास राजमौली जैसा कोई नहीं है)

Rajamouli has made full life films, which may be considered as preparation for Bahubali. Whether they are interested in stories related to religion to see if they first created ‘Magadhera’. That movie is a hit. After that he created ‘Ega’. A Sense Fiction, to see how much visual effects India’s audience can understand. That movie also went Then by going all the strength, they made the Bahubali and this gambling was also successful. There is no such vision in Bollywood. Who only worked on films produced with visual effects. Hollywood filmmakers such as James Cameron, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro. But there is no such Bollywood. The best filmmakers in Bollywood make small-scale films. Making a visual epic is not about Bollywood’s sake.


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