Reliance Jio has expanded the entire telecom industry in India, and it does not take much time to slow down soon. The company expects to continue its low cost telecom services, but there is a possibility of diversification in other areas like DTH and Home broadband. And with the experience of GO’s telecommunications unit, the upcoming services can be ultra-low cost and can cause major hindrances in their respective areas. Apart from these, there will be more hardware products to look forward. After talking to various sources within Geo, we have a fair idea about what can be expected from the company in the future. Here, 5 things can be expected from Reliance Jio this year:

1. Jio DTH service

Reliance Geo is expected to launch Direct Two Home (DTH) TV service with mjioDTHore than 350 channels, out of which more than 50 HD channels will be available. To use the service, customers will need the JIO-TV App and JIO SIM on their phone, and a live home broadband connection will be required for connection. Hybrid Reliance Geo DTH set-top box will allow users to receive cable channels as well as streaming services on their TV, such as the Airtel Internet TV set-top box launched. DTH service will be integrated with JIO cloud storage platform, and content will be saved online in the stream; In fact, users will have the option to watch week-old TV content on the service without the need of local storage. Expect the features like voice control, ability to play games over the cloud, and more.

2. Reliance Jio broadband service

Reliance Jio is widely expected to launch a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband service, which will speed up to 1 GBps. Pilot program has already started, Reliance Industries said in its Q1 regulatory filing, and it will soon be extended to more cities. In September, service was also mentioned when Mukesh Ambani launched the Reliance GO operation. High speed optical fiber service will probably be bundled with JOI services. There is no word at the date and price of Reliance Geo Home Broadband broadband

Geo Home Broadband service users are reportedly getting speed between 70 Mbps and 100 Mbps. A user tweeted the screenshot showing the download speed of 743.28 Mbps in Pune. However, this is not the only broadband service, which gives the speed of 1 GBps, because ATF FiberNet has already started its Gigabit service in Hyderabad.

3. Jio Money

With no new offer, you can expect Reliance to promote Jio Money on a big scale this year. You can already use retail outlets in various places, and of course Reliance’s payment service, but soon you expect to use your mobile to pay for various things like metro rides and fun stores. can do. Sources reveal that gadgets 360 are also working on solutions where the receipt related to all purchases made by Joey Money will be managed for you in the cloud.

4. 4G VoLTE feature phone

The dependence 4G VOLETE-enabled phones offing functions by JIO, a filtered im4G VoLTE feature phoneage was already leaked on the Internet MyJio, JioTV, JioCinema, and JioMusic application hardware button sports picture phone functions indicated in a report that VoLTE was SPREADTRUM Chipset for feature phones, but is also negotiating with Qualcomm and MediaTek. Call feature on the price range of Rs call 999 and Rs. 1500

5. Home automation and other smart products

Reliance already has the brand reconciliation of its subsidiary, and you can expect many more products available under this series this year. Apart from this, the group also said that this is definitely working on a series of home automation products, working with Network Geo does not matter where you are in being in control. The company is also working on a new application called MediaShare that you can easily stream content on your mobile devices from your PC or laptop. Geo has also developed similar Chromecast devices that allow you to enjoy the same experience on the big screen. Without problems, the content of a screen is being promoted as a great feature, to start looking at and continuing on home


Live all services In this article, you can expect that the first four are widely publicized and adopted this year – many of the products of home automation and entertainment this year have not yet been seen, since the company has not yet decided Time limit for the same has not been done.

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