Do a simple search and you will realize that there are hundreds of programming languages. The most popular ones and look again, will be accompanied by a major spin list. Possible goal to become, we are researching the programming languages ​​in superior career perspective.

There are many ways to classify programming languages ​​such as the number of websites created with them, Google search results, Githhb projects or stack overflow question that we had prepared for the number of job postings through the data Job search engine which was a programming language name.

We did the same analysis from last year and found some interesting changes in 2017 and 2016, which are explained below. So without further ado, here is the ninth most demanding number of programming languages ​​2017

In fact, job offers

SQL # 1

Number of the job description, including SQL (Structured Query Language) increases by about 50,000 from the previous year, which is a dramatic advantage to other SQL languages. It is not clear that it is entirely due to a change in SQL jobs or more exactly how it works in the market. Either way, SQL remains the undisputed leader in our analysis. With SQL it is used to manipulate communication and database. It is very common, such as the released several variations such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL, Microsoft last year, SQL Server 2016, which has surprisingly proved to be popular and R, a popular language programming data analysis, and language with a Version of Linux and introduced several new features to make it the most open source.

# 2 of Java

Actually available in a number of Java positions increased to 30,000 compared to 2017 compared to 2016, possibly due to the growth of Android to make a simple Java version, readable programming language that are used by millions of developers and a billion Devices around the world. Any native application of Android as created in Java and server language for the 90 percent back-end development of the Fortune 500 companies are using Java. User has declined in popularity are enthusiastic about the next 9 Java release in July 2017, although the Java Enterprise Edition 2016.

# 3 Python

Python has continued to grow in popularity in 2016 and went on to become the third most common language by posting work uploaded two places in our ranking. Python emphasizes a general-purpose programming language code to increase readability and productivity for the developer, which is used for desktop applications, web applications and data mining. In October 2016, Microsoft released the beta version 2.0 of the open source framework plug-learning cognitive toolbox, including support for Python.

# 4 JavaScript

JavaScript (it dropped a place in our ranking differently than) 2,016 Java, but otherwise dropped to roughly the same number of job postings in general terms. This is a client-side key language, dynamic scripting that is used for front-end development. JavaScript supports all browsers used by more than 90 percent of all web pages and the stack is the most popular language in the overflow. Javascript continued growth in 2016 to 6 Compatibility and adoption has become more useful for progressive web applications enable offline-first functionality in Web applications.

# 5 C ++

C ++, an increase of almost 20,000 jobs similar to 2016 and Pori crossed to take fifth place. Built on C, the grandfather of all programming languages, C ++ is a powerful and high-performance language that is used in the manufacture of system software, game engine and desktop and web applications. Many early C ++ typed dynamic languages ​​were difficult to learn as much as Python or JavaScript

# 6 C #

“C Sharp” showed a small increase in popularity in 2017, but not enough to keep them from falling behind the C ++ language for Microsoft. Net software framework was developed and after the launch of the basic open source development platform NAT in June the year 2016 can now be used on non-Windows machines. Its main use is the construction of Microsoft Enterprise software. C # 7.0 includes many features that the previous year was released, which tuples, local functions, pattern search and linguistic support for many more.

# 7 pearl

Pearl is the big jump to popularity this year ahead of iOS and PHP and Ruby from our list. Pearl, or “adhesive tape holding the Internet together

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