25-year-old Hanna has written about her teenage years of experience. You read in her words

Female Masturbation: Myth & Truth

My name is Hana and I masturbate. You do it, do not do too much?
But women do not talk too much about masturbation. Do they talk?
I am 25 years old and I remember that boys used to talk openly in school days. But girls? Of course they did not have this freedom.
If we ever asked a boy about masturbating, then it would have been the only answer – no, it is obscene, of course not at all.
Even if we did masturbate, this was the answer.
If you are a boy, then it would have been like this: ‘Yes, every day.’ It is believed that there is no sexuality in women and men are ahead in this case.

Teen girl

Female Masturbation: Myth & Truth

Is it harmful?
The girls who masturbate and many of them feel embarrassed after doing so. Although it is not for boys and they want to keep their sex life confidential.
I was like a teen girl with whom all this is in practice. I believe that any of my female friends will not have masturbated.
At that age I did not even do. I used to think that it is obscene and it will distort my genitalia.
I want to take the time back where Hana is a scared teenager and she is going to her room and is asking her to touch herself.
But it had to wait for years to do this. I could not do this until I was 20 years old. Only after this age did I get the first sexual pleasure
Thanks to God and my limbs for this happiness. In adolescence, I did not know this thing how to stimulate ourselves.
I used to think that women’s masturbation is something weird.

Different ways

Female Masturbation: Myth & Truth

Everyone used to talk about finger while taking masturbation. Again I want to tell the teenager Hanna, let them tell the boys.
Why do not we say that it is a basic necessity for our body and its sexual pleasure? For me the meaning of sex excitement was to wear condoms to the test tube.
Yes, we were shown gender and woven through a picture. But the clitauris was not told about. Why do most people grow up without knowing their genitals?
Only sex excitement can be felt in porn. But we should understand that youth can find sexual pleasures in different ways.
This is possible only in your body. The youth should know about their genitals. They should not be confined to mainstream porn.
People live in sex with various kinds of shame, shame, confusion and regret. After opening masturbation with friends, I found that most people did not masturbate in adolescence.

In puberty

Female Masturbation Myth & Truth

Of course it was the same with me. When I came to know about it, then I understood everything from the shape of Valva.
Most people do not do this in puberty, but they do not even talk about it. Most people think that this is wrong.
They feel guilty and start to hate themselves, how can this be done right?
When I was 15, my mother told me, “Hana, do you masturbate? You should masturbate. It is the best way to know your body before having sex with someone.”
My reaction to this was – mother did not do all these things to me. But he tried at least and I feel good now. There is silence around women’s masturbation.
It is part of a damning belief that women are not sensual – men should be active in opposite relationships, sexuality should be aggressive.
At the same time, women have to behave according to men.

Good sleep and stress relief

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